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Popular DLL Files

Popular DLLs

There is no good classification for DLL files. I would break them into two major groups:

  • system DLLs which are used by Microsoft Windows
  • Application DLLs used by various applications

Major groups of system DLLs

  • DirectX DLLs. Examples are: d3dim.dll, d3dim700.dll, d3dramp.dll, d3dx10.dll, d3dx10_33.dll, d3dx10_34.dll, d3dx10_35.dll
  • Keyboard Layout DLLs. Example are: kbdfc.dll, kbdfi.dll, kbdfi1.dll, kbdfo.dll, kbdfr.dll, kbdgae.dll, kbdgeo.dll, kbdgeoer.dll, kbdgeoqw.dll

Major groups of application DLLs

  • Shared Visual C++ DLLs like msvcr80.dll, msvcr71.dll. These DLLs are used by applications which were compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Shared Visual Basic DLLs like msvbvm60.dll, msvbvm50.dll.

Other popular DLLs

  • kernel32.dll - Windows Kernel
  • mscoree.dll - .NET Framework module
  • ntdll.dll - Windows helper functions
  • user32.dll - Windows User module
  • gdiplus.dll - GDI extensions
  • hal.dll - Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL
  • advrcntr2.dll - Nero 7 library

If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.


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  Dynamic Link Library
Identifying Characters
  Hex: 4D 5A
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  Microsoft Visual Studio
  Microsoft Disassembler
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